Integral blinds

ScreenLine® integral blinds are shading systems (venetian, pleated or roller blind) integrated within an insulating glass unit designed to optimise heat and light gain according to the year’s seasons and to improve the window system’s transmittance (U-value). It enables the user to reduce undesired heat gain in summertime, resulting in savings on air conditioning costs, and to increase heat gain during wintertime, thus cutting heating costs.

8 very good reasons
to choose ScreenLine®

clean for life
long life
excellent light and solar control characteristics
guarantees privacy
no risk of damage
maintenance free
durable component
linear design
allows greater use of internal area

Unique performance

Articulated in the diverse types of glass available on the market (low-e, selective and reflective, etc.), ScreenLine® integral blinds allows the optimisation of light transmission inside the rooms during winter and summer, thus contributing to a reduction in costs for heating and cooling and, consequently, in CO2 emissions.
In order to attain the best energy performances, Pellini has introduced some significant product innovations:

  • coated slat V95
  • brushless motor inside or outside the insulating glass
  • warm edge spacer bar with low thermal conductivity

Insulating glass units incorporating integral blinds means allow the use of extremely thin slats that minimise the visual impact of the blind, thus maximising the view through.

Manual, motorised…or solar control

ScreenLine integral blinds can be controlled (tilting and raising/lowering) manually or automatically, via battery-operated or hard wired motors. Moreover, ray-tracing  systems allow ScreenLine to adjust the tilting degree of the slats based on the conditions detected inside and outside the building, thus optimising the management of daylighting and glare protection.

Utmost versatility

ScreenLine systems offer solutions that are suitable for façades and all types of framing systems: curtain walls, windows, doors or French windows; up-and-over, sliding or casement windows, made of wood, aluminium or PVC.

ScreenLine can be chosen for every project as proved by thousands of buildings worldwide (skyscrapers, offices, hospitals, schools, private houses, villas, etc.) where integral blinds have been applied.

Long life

ScreenLine blind systems have been patented at international level and passed even the strictest endurance tests, achieving significant certifications issued by the major independent European testing institutes.

ScreenLine integral blinds fit inside double-glazed windows and ensure total protection against dirt, dust or weather conditions, making maintenance unnecessary.


Venetian roller or pleated: the ScreenLine systems are available in different types of blind to meet any design requirement.


All the benefits of ScreenLine, each with its own peculiarities: manual and motorised blinds, operated via wall switch, remote control or BMS system, antimicrobial technology and much more

30 years looking beyond

In 1992 the patent application for the first ScreenLine system was filed, a step that paved the way to a path in which we have always looked beyond our achievements.

Discover the history of Screenline

Pergine Library

Playing, reading and studying in a library embraced by the nature of Valsugana (Italy)

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Villa B in Lecco

Motorized integral blinds for Villa B, a private residence in Lecco

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Villa Lago di Garda

Motorized integral blinds for an elegant villa on Lake Garda

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Villa on the sea

How to protect your home from solar gains and enjoy the sea view at the same time?

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IRCCS Galeazzi Hospital

Nel nuovo Ospedale Galeazzi di Milano sono state installate le tende in vetrocamera ScreenLine

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Politecnico di Milano

Whitin the Architecture Campus of the Politecnico di Milano some hundreds of ScreenLine motorised Venetian blinds have been installed within façades

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Emergency Hospital Entebbe

To achieve the goals of comfort and safety, ScreenLine® integrated blind systems designed and manufactured by Pellini were installed in the Emergency's Children's Surgical Hospital in Entebbe (Uganda).

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Colognola ai Colli primary school

Colognola ai Colli primary school (Verona), designed by CL&AA - Claudio Lucchin & Architetti Associati, is characterized by 700 ScreenLine venetian blinds.

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ScreenLine integral blind systems have been installed in Parallelo (Milano), the building designed by the Italian architect Mario Cuccinella.

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Hadassah Hospital

ScreenLine integral blinds with P system have been installed within Hadassah Medical Center in Jersualem (Israel).

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Hôpital de Montreuil

ScreenLine integral blind systems have been installed within Hôpital de Montreuil to achieve the goals of hygiene, safety and comfort.

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Private residence

The windows of this house in Monterosso al Mare (La Spezia, Italy) are characterized by ScreenLine venetian blinds with internal motor.

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Oleggio restaurant

Whitin this restaurant in Oleggio (Novara, Italy) ScreenLine motorized blinds have been installed.

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University of Vienna

Whitin Universität Wien (Wien, Austria) ScreenLine integral blinds have been installed.

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Snow Hill

ScreenLine integral blind systems (venetian blinds are operated by an external motor) have been installed in Snow Hill Building 1 (Birmingham, UK) facades.

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Private house

Motorised and manual integral blinds for this elegant private house

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Philarmonic Towers

A residential luxury complex in one of the most exclusive district of Tel Aviv

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Private house

Wide slinding windows with venetian integral blinds controlled by ScreenLine W Smart System

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