Pellini: Experience and innovation to manage light and solar heat  

Pellini SpA is a pioneer in the design and realization of solar screens that improve people’s life quality in a sustainable way, reflecting solar radiation that cause negative phenomena such as dazzle or overheat and exploiting the benefits of natural light towards psychophysical well-being of the individual and the energy efficiency of buildings.

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Pellini industrie

Italian quality around the world

This mission leads us to collaborate with main international design studies, building and architecture’s important realities and prestigious research centers in order to implement solutions that create a synthesis of architectural expression, function, technical performance, people’s well-being, and sustainability, in the most futuristic buildings around the world.

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Pellini industrie

Eccellenza sostenibile

Pellini combines craftsmanship and a tailormade approach into innovative, refined and technologically advanced solutions to enhance natural resources as precious as solar light and heat, in order to support sustainable architecture.

Sustainable excellence

Pellini Industrie


More than 40 years of innovation

1974: Pellini is established in Codogno (LO) as a family-run craft business, which manufactures venetian blinds, folding doors, mosquito nets and awnings.

1984: Beginning of the company’s collaboration with a leading corporation specializing in the production of venetian blinds for interiors. This allows Pellini to emerge from a strictly local market to and extend its activity to the national scene.

1990: An integrated system for insulating glass starts to be engineered. This solution allows in integrated blind to be raised and tilted, maintaining its characteristics without drilling the glass.

1992: The first ScreenLine® range system is created, in which the transmission of the movement takes place through the rotation of a couple of interfaced magnets.

1994: The company decides to abandon the twenty-year production of outdoor roofing and to focus on the design of the new, increasingly enhanced ScreenLine® systems,  and of high-performance technical blinds for interiors.

1998: A global network of licensees is set up, with the aim of promoting ScreenLine products through production units located in all continents. 

2009: In Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the Cidade Administrativa Minas Gerais, designed by the internationally renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer, with its 22,000 blinds, is achieved with the highest number of integral blinds on a facade.

2010: Pellinindustrie CZ, Pellini’s production unit in the Czech Republic, is founded with the aim of increasing production capacity and meeting the growing demand for ScreenLine systems.

2016: Finglas, the glassworks based in Trento with a production unit in Badia Polesine (RO), is created from the union of skilled and experienced staff in the world of glass to offer cutting-edge integrated glass+shading solutions dedicated to modern architecture.

2020: The Codogno office is expanded with the creation of new spaces to improve the collaboration and coordination of the Pellini Lab, the Research and Development and Production departments.