People, source and architect of innovation

21 years after founding his company, in 1995 Francesco Pellini decided to abandon 55% of the company’s turnover by discontinuing its range of mosquito nets, awnings and bellow doors’, driven by the vision of revolutionizing the concept of venetian blinds and the courage to introduce an innovative solution to overcome maintenance and periodic cleaning limits.

That 55% was recovered only in one year and today Pellini is an excellence in the world thanks to the contribution of collaborators who share the desire to go beyond the existing limits and that shape the insights in solutions that improve the quality of people’s life.





We transform brilliant ideas into successful innovations thanks to the daily commitment of those who share the attention to the people’s well-being and the environment, putting at their service a visionary spirit and rare skills.


Pellini peolpe


Consolidating and constantly acquiring know-how allows us to anticipate challenges. Focusing on training to develop skills and competences, enhance pathways and transfer knowledge are essential elements to invest in the future of all.


Pellini peolpe


Thanks to the great synergy with school and university’s world, we offer students and graduates the opportunity to deal with challenging and prestigious projects in an environment where they can develop their talent and contribute to the future technologies with their ideas.