Venetian blind

The ScreenLine® integral Venetian blind is a patented shading system composed of overlapping tilting slats, housed inside 2 or 3 glass sheets. The Venetian blind can be operated manually or through motorised systems, managing the tilting and raising function to adjust the amount of light gain, view through and privacy level required.


The venetian blind allows to manage solar gains in a flexible way, ensuring the highest level of visual and thermal comfort at any time. 
Season, time of day, weather conditions and building orientation are some of the elements that influence the level of protection needed, variables to which it is possible to respond thanks to the different possibilities of slats orientation.

Visual contact

The protection guaranteed by the double glazing allows the use of extremely thin slats that minimise the visual impact of the blind, enhancing at the most outwards visibility and ensuring privacy inside at the same time. 
The minimal design allows ScreenLine® to enhance the beauty of the window, perfectly integrating both in the frame and in any furnishing context.

Illuminate with natural light

ScreenLine® venetian blind contributes to protect from glare, even in a completely horizontal position and therefore in a situation of maximum visibility outwards.

The light radiation is directed upwards, generating a “light-shelf” effect and transforming the ceiling into a natural light lamp, spreading it evenly and allowing to reap the benefits in terms of living comfort and energy savings.


The insulating properties of the double glazing unit ensure absolute protection form dirt and dust, increasing the level of hygiene and health of the buildings in which ScreenLine is applied.

In addition,  Sanitized® patented finish applied in some control systems provides a long-lasting antibacterial protection function.


The patented coated slat V95, developed in co-operation with the most renowned European research institutes on nanotechnology, has the following benefits:

  • Reduced g value
  • Improved Ug value
  • Reduced glass temperature
  • Total lack of fogging at any temperature

ScreenLine® V95, when used in association with selective glass, ranks in the best performance class, which can only normally be reached by use of external shading systems.