P System
Manual Knob

The “P” system is a tilt-only venetian blind, which is operated by an external knob fixed to the window frame.
The specially designed corner key containing a rotational magnet is connected to the external knob by a flexible drive cable located in the glazing pocket. The glass appears completely clear, easy to clean andfree from external devices.

Aesthetics and reliability

The knob can be used with most of the existing window frames and the aesthetic simplicity enhances the the beauty of the interiors and their furnishings.  Ease of use and invulnerability make the P System perfect for places places frequented by many people, such as hospitals, schools, offices and public places. 


The knob application directly on the window frame leaves the glass completely clear and extremely easy to clean. 

The external knob is treated with a Sanitized®* patented finish, which provides a long-lasting antimicrobial protection function 

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