B System
Manual Bottom

The “B” system is a venetian blind with tilt-only function, actuated by means of a magnetic knob placed on the glass in the bottom or lateral area of the blind. Motion is transmitted via two gears located in the top and bottom corner keys of the blind, which are connected to each other by means of a shaft that is completely concealed within the spacer bar.
The system is particularly suitable for curtain walls and windowsill applications, as the control device located at the bottom of the blind is easily accessible and within reach.

Aesthetics and reliability

The knob can be used with most of the existing window frames and the aesthetic simplicity enhances the the beauty of the interiors and their furnishings.  Ease of use and invulnerability make the P System perfect for places places frequented by many people, such as hospitals, schools, offices and public places. 


The knob application directly on the window frame leaves the glass completely clear and extremely easy to clean. 

The external knob is treated with a Sanitized®* patented finish, which provides a long-lasting antimicrobial protection function.

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