The ScreenLine® roller blind is a shading system in which the fabric is raised and lowered between 2 or 3 glass sheets. The control system enables to raise and lower the blind, stopping it even in intermediate position in order to adjust the amount of light input and privacy level.

Visual contact

Even with the blind completely lowered it is possible to maintain visual contact with the outside, while enjoying at the same time privacy and comfort inside the rooms.


The insulating properties of the double glazing unit ensure absolute protection form dirt and dust, increasing the level of hygiene and health of the buildings in which ScreenLine is applied.


Verosol fabrics, used for roller blinds, are available in different colours and openess factors and are coated with aluminum molecules that optimize the capacity of the blind to manage solar light and heat, offering a great contribution to the living comfort.


Thanks to the application of an external motor, the roller blind is available also as motorised system.

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