ScreenLine 1992-2022, 30 years looking beyond

Since 1992 we have been looking beyond our achievements and we intend to continue for as many 30 years…and beyond

Starting from an intuition by Francesco Pellini, on 31st July 1992 the patent application for the first ScreenLine system was filed, a solution (still in use today, unaltered) designed to operate an integral blind through a magnetic joint integrated within the corner key, thus ensuring the absolute tightness of the insulating glass and maximising its benefits.

The second patent, filed in 1994, allowed Pellini to become the first company in the world to raise an integral blind by coupling two magnets on the front side through the glass, giving ScreenLine a reputation and contributing to its success all over the world.


Since that first patents, a game changer in the world of solar shading, Pellini has always looked beyond its own achievements and kept on designing ScreenLine solutions. 30 years later, the result of its innovative drive is a heritage of over 40 international patents, resulting from a seamless research and development process embracing the entire glass-bind system, putting it at the service of people's comfort and the energy efficiency of buildings.

Some examples of this pioneering spirit are: the establishment of Finglas, the glassworks belonging to the Pellini Group, which allows the ScreenLine innovations to be tested in their natural habitat or to analyse the impact that new glass products will have on the shading effect, and the patents for the brushless motor technology, a key element in ScreenLine automated systems, as well as the high-performance V95 slat and the "warm edge" spacer bar with low thermal conductivity, which contribute to better thermal insulation of the window and to the reduction of Ug and gtot values.


The design of increasingly advanced solutions and their application in complex projects has enabled us to provide homeowners with reliable and innovative blind systems that overcome the main limitations of traditional products.

To serve the growing diffusion of ScreenLine systems in homes around the world, we founded Pellini CZ, a new production centre in the Czech Republic, and with the launch of solutions dedicated to the residential sector, such as the range of battery-operated motorised blind systems. In particular, the W Smart system brought our experience in major buildings requiring a high degree of automation to a residential level, offering homeowners the possibility for a motorised integral blind for their home without adapting the electrical system, an ideal solution especially in case of renovation or replacement of windows.


Adopting an open innovation approach, we have always collaborated with suppliers, research centres and universities to develop solutions that respond to the increasingly demanding challenges posed by architectural and engineering firms, offering them a background of multidisciplinary skills encompassing physics, mechanics, meteorology, aerospace and nanotechnologies, thus making it possible to create increasingly innovative, efficient, comfortable and sustainable buildings.

The international success of ScreenLine solutions would not have been possible without the valuable support of a network of licensees, distributors, agents and technical advisors in all continents. Their local presence has allowed us, over the years, to respond quickly and accurately to different requests and support the application of Pellini's patented integral blinds with qualified assistance on site.

2022 - ...

ScreenLine originates from the pioneering choice of taking a new path to improve people’s comfort, turning a Venetian blind into an innovative and high added-value solution. This is a vision that still motivates the Group as a whole to always offer better products and that today, for example, drives the evolution of ScreenLine to respond to the challenges posed by the interconnection of diverse technologies, a world to which we want to contribute for as many 30 years… and beyond.