Pellini celebrates 50 years of history

From a small laboratory to innovation applied to solar shading

Our story begins in 1974 in Codogno and today, after 50 years, we are proudly celebrating our anniversary: an exciting experience that gives us the opportunity to continuously improve and innovate our shading solutions and the privilege to contribute to the well-being of people wherever they are, at home or in the office, at school or in a hotel.

From a small laboratory to the top of futuristic buildings

In 1974, Francesco Pellini founded an artisan business to manufacture, in a basement, venetian blinds, folding doors, mosquito nets and awnings. A company of small dimensions yet deeply focused on quality and details, driven by curiosity, research and enterprising spirit to improve the products offered, and whose dedication and commitment will be the key elements in changing the world of shading solutions forever.

ScreenLine by Pellini: the turning point

After several years of prototypes, research, tests and sleepless nights, in 1992 the first ScreenLine patent was filed. That day, 31st July 1992, is a starting point, a new founding moment, an instant when genius, aptitude and courage gave rise to a vision that led the company to concentrate on this new solution, designed to protect homes and buildings in a stylish and functional way, a solution that continues to reveal its potential even after more than 30 years.

Protecting your world, for 50 years

This mission guides every step of our journey and reflects our commitment to guaranteeing the well-being of both people and the environment, through design-aware solutions that ensure indoor comfort and user-friendliness and contribute to the reduction of the energy impact of buildings, to safeguard everybody’s Home.
On our 50th anniversary, we renew our commitment to offering solutions having human beings, their lifestyles and relationship with the external environment at their core, exploiting the benefits offered by nature and managing the elements that generate discomfort, inefficiency and waste.


Our supply chain partners

On this journey, we are proud to collaborate with a network of extraordinary stakeholders, each of whom has contributed significantly to our success story. With their expertise, glass manufacturers and processors are able to enshrine ScreenLine systems in a glass unit and play a key role in making the advantages and opportunities of our products known to the world. Likewise, the mastery of window makers and fitters makes perfect integration within all types of windows possible, bringing blinds directly into homes and tall buildings alike.
Architects and façade engineers, with their creativity and vision, conceive and design their most ambitious projects selecting our solutions as a perfect blend between architectural expression, intended use, optical and energetic needs. Their creativity incites us to keep innovating and to offer cutting-edge products that not only meet their needs but exceed their expectations.
Special thanks also to those who have chosen our solutions for their house: your trust and the awareness of manufacturing blinds that protect your families are a great source of pride, responsibility and motivation.
Finally, our deepest recognition goes to all our employees, the beating heart of Pellini. Your commitment, dedication and competence shape ideas into reality. Thank you for your tireless contribution to protecting and innovating our world; the next 50 years are waiting for us, full of challenges, projects and opportunities to be faced with positivity and enthusiasm, together.