Rebranding and new digital strategy

The new brand identity aims at representing the values ​​that have always characterised the company - Technology, Innovation and Reliability. Now with a significant evolution within the corporate strategy, conceived to strengthen Pellini’s positioning as a primary player in the solar shading field and to add value to its three divisions, increasingly integrated from a technical, commercial and – now - visual point of view.


The new Pellini brand is marked by elegant, essential and clean lines, consistent with the engineering refinement and minimal design that identify Pellini solutions.  It emphasizes the company's mission, namely to shade and manage light and heat gain, by means of a graphic element integrated in the capital “P”. This is also evoked in an original way in the registered trademark character.

The brands of the three divisions have also been modernised, while maintaining a strong chromatic continuity with the previous versions, and harmonised thanks to the introduction of common lettering and a balanced relationship between pictogram and logotype. The latter is a synthesis between a depiction of the reference product of each division and its field of application: in the Pellini Nautica trademark, it recalls the waves of the sea and the winding shape of a futuristic boat, as well as the customised design identifying the products of this division; in Tende e Sistemi, it projects the concept of solar protection within a modern building, of which it is an integral and essential part, from a functional and aesthetic point of view; in ScreenLine, it retains the reference to the slats of a Venetian blind yet improving their visibility through the reduction in the number of horizontal lines.


The values ​​that make up Pellini's genetic code are reflected in the integrated, unitary and coordinated graphic layout of the brands and in the new corporate pay-off, "We protect your world". A message conveying security and the ability to respond to the needs of each customer, grounded in the expertise gained in nearly 50 years of activity in the field of technical blinds and in its manufacturing organisation, combining industrial capacity and customisation of each product that is placed in the market.


Alongside its new visual identity, Pellini launches the new corporate website -, the core of a renovated online strategy, whereby the previous 4 websites are replaced by a single hub, inspired by the new communication drivers, where users from the various online channels (search engines, social networks, mailing, e-magazines, etc.) can land, and which allows a quick and simple search for the desired information, offering specific and interesting content to each type of user.

Better usability a modern and clear interface allows easy access to all the information / training tools available (notably, case studies, technical insights and news), which are conceived with the aim of sharing all information and know-how, whilst providing useful materials and inspiration to designers, processors and homeowners.

A completely redesigned Reserved Area is now available, to facilitate access to the technical, promotional and training literature that will be developed and published over time.