W System
Solar battery

The W Smart systems bring Pellini experience with motorized blind systems chosen for some of the most incredible buildings in the world, in every house. The blind is powered by a rechargeable battery module (applied on the glass or on the window frame) and is raised and tilted with a simple touch.

The battery module is energetically independent and can be recharged by a solar panel or a micro USB battery charger.

100% Made in Italy

The design and engineering of the product, as well as the assembling of all components, are made in Italy.


The W System is suitable for all types of windows, even existing and sliding ones, without the need for hard wiring.

Motorisation without electrical system

All the advantages of a motorized system without adapting the electrical system: the battery module directly powers the internal motor which operates the blind. It is not necessary break walls, floors or pull electric wires, just install the window and ScreenLine is ready to use.


The W Smart System battery module is equipped with the Sanitized® antimicrobial finish having silver ions as active biocidal substance, capable of protecting the components from mould and odours caused by bacteria and supporting normal cleaning practices with a long-lasting protective function.