Protecting your world, for 50 years

We have committed to protecting your world since 1974 through the development and manufacture of shading systems that contribute to the living comfort and energy efficiency of buildings, and to improve the well-being of people and the environment.


Pellini was founded in Codogno, Northern Italy, as a family-run artisan business, which manufactured Venetian blinds, folding doors, mosquito nets and awnings.


A new collaboration with a multinational leading company in the production of internal Venetian blinds helps Pellini to emerge on the national scene and move away from the local market.


The development of a system to raise and tilt blinds integrated within an IG unit without drilling the glass begins.


The first ScreenLine® system is born: the transmission of motion occurs through the rotation of a couple of magnets, one located inside and the other outside the glass unit.


The second ScreenLine patent allows Pellini to become the first company to completely raise an integral blind. The company decides to focus its efforts on the design of new, increasingly improved ScreenLine systems and value-added technical blinds for interiors.


A global network of licensees is set up, with the aim of promoting and manufacturing ScreenLine systems through production units located across the 5 continents.


In Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the Cidade Administrativa Minas Gerais, designed by the internationally renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer, is achieved, becoming the project with the highest number of integral blinds on façades with some 22,000 blinds.


Pellini CZ, Pellini’s production unit in the Czech Republic, is founded with the aim of increasing production capacity and meeting the ever-increasing demand for ScreenLine systems.


Finglas, a sister company originating from the skills of staff with decades-long experience in the glass industry, is founded. With production units in Trento and Badia Polesine, Northern Italy, it aims at offering cutting-edge integrated glass+blind solutions dedicated to modern architecture.


The Codogno headquarters are expanded with new areas where Research and Development, Pellini Lab, Marketing and Production departments can collaborate and coordinate their activities.


Idea Plastica is acquired, a company specialising in the manufacture of plastic components utilised in ScreenLine systems and the distribution of sealants for the production and assembly of insulating glass and windows.

For 50 years, the future has been our environment

We look to the future with curiosity and take pride in our past, ready to face every opportunity and project that the next 50 years have in store for us, with enthusiasm and passion.

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