The well-being of employees also passes through the choice of office blinds that guarantee the highest levels of thermal and visual comfort, according to the business carried out by the company which affects the amount of light needed, safety regulations to be respected, hygienic requirements, etc., without forgetting the aesthetic needs to create a pleasant workplace.


Expressions such as "The light reflects on the PC screen", "I have the sun in my eyes", "The heat is coming from outside" describe unpleasant and uncomfortable situations that can affect productivity and, if repeated over time, harm the health of the person.

Glare and reflections can strain eyesight and cause eye problems, headaches or poor postures that cause musculoskeletal disorders, while overheating can cause inattention and drowsiness that negatively affect not only productivity but also safety.

Thermal and visual comfort are so important that various regulations contribute to improving the environmental quality and healthiness of the workplace, objectives that can be achieved by installing solar shading systems capable of regulating natural light and contributing to the maintenance of the correct microclimate, thus safeguarding comfort and everyone's health.


Fireproof fabrics, formaldehyde, phthalates or heavy metals free materials, antimicrobial technology, solutions that prevent the deposit of dirt and dust, are just some of the features that distinguish the different Pellini solutions and which contribute to the safety of offices and companies.


Comfort, health and safety are common denominators of all Pellini products, to which is added the reduction of the environmental impact of the building thanks to solutions that, through the active management of solar light and heat, help to optimize the energy needs of the buildings in which they are located. installed.

ScreenLine integral blind systems are the perfect choice when hygiene requirements are highest, while roller blinds are the perfect hi-tech solutions for large windows.


Internal blinds facilitates the maintenance of constant conditions of thermal and light comfort within the rooms as the external conditions vary. This possible also thanks to automation that let technological innovation to find a balance between internal needs and external conditions.