A hotel certainly represents a complex building, made up of very different areas with different intended use and lighting and energy needs, a situation that requires great attention in the management of solar light and heat to find a balance between the hotel's offer and guests needs to offer them maximum comfort wherever they are within the structure
Incorrect management of solar gains, responsible for phenomena such as glare and overheating, leads to situations of discomfort that negatively affect the customer experience. An example? The quality of sleep is certainly one of the issues to which guests are most sensitive and it is therefore essential to avoid natural light disturbing the rest in the room.

Pellini solutions represent the perfect choice as they allow to respond perfectly to every design need by having a single interlocutor for the the entire project, thanks to an offer that includes all the best solar shading solutions for hotels.
Black-out solutions, thanks to their ability to completely block, when necessary, the entry of light from the outside, can be a valid solution for the rooms, while venetian blind solutions are particularly suitable for restaurant rooms, gym, spa and all areas where natural light can be used to illuminate the rooms while ensuring visibility to the outside and privacy inside.

The insulating properties of the double glazing unit help to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and safety within hotels thanks to the absolute protection from dirt, dust and atmospheric agents and the absence of maintenance.
The attention on hygiene and security is underlined by the choice of fireproof fabrics, formaldehyde, phthalates or heavy metals free materials and antimicrobial technology, all elements that characterized Pellini solutions.