The insulating properties of the double glazing unit help to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and safety within healthcare facilities thanks to the absolute protection from dirt, dust and atmospheric agents and the absence of maintenance.
The attention on hygiene and security is underlined by the choice of fireproof fabrics, formaldehyde, phthalates or heavy metals free material and antimicrobial technology, all elements that characterized Pellini solutions.

P and B systems, in which a knob controls the orientation of the slats, are characterized by extreme simplicity, ease of use and reliability, and represent the perfect sun shading solutions for crawded places like hospitals. Moreover, the external knob is treated with a Sanitized®* patented finish, which provides a long-lasting antimicrobial protection function 

Healthcare facilities are among the most energy-intensive buildings for which the issue of energy efficiency is increasingly important: thanks to the ability to manage solar gains, ScreenLine blinds systems allow to improve the U value ​​of the window system and adjusts the g value as needed, thus optimising energy requirements.