Pellini SpA

Pellini SpA has its core business in the design and production of shielding integrated into the ScreenLine® insulating glass, which is flanked by the Tende e Sistemi division, which realizes prestigious technical blinds for interiors. 
The latest born is the Pellini Nautica division, dedicated to the supply of custom solutions for sun protections inside prestigious boats.



From ideas to reality

The Codogno office is the heart of all activities, and it is where ideas become innovation and projects become reality. The innovations developed by the engineers of the Research and development department are tested in the environments of Pellini Lab, the internal structure in which solutions, materials and components are subjected to strict testing, thanks to specially designed technologies.


Technology and craftsmanship

Production is the perfect meeting point between manual skill and new technologies. The different production lines make use of the cutting-edge instrumentation, specially designed to optimize the use of time and enhance the quality of the product, on the basis of the knowledge acquired over forty years of experience. 

The employees supervise the different processing phases and become the protagonists in the fundamental manual steps that affect all Pellini solutions, from the passage of cords, in the inner mechanisms of the blinds, to the precious fabrics’ finishing with the sewing machine, that will embellish yachts around the world.


Hub for excellence in Italy and worldwide

Every day we are confronted with different realities, each one with specific need and expectations: licensees, distributors, glass and window manufacturers customers, installers, designers, researchers and partner companies are all fundamental interlocutors who find support in the dedicated structures.

Technical advisors ready to provide support in all project phases, staff dedicated to construction operations and assistance, and a sales department where the availability of people joins the digital transformation tools are just some of the examples that tell a reality which provides every Italian or international interlocutor a rapid and professional response.