Finglas is born form the union of the collaborators’ skills with decades of experience in the world of glass, an essential element of everyday life, which is declined in many forms, all designed with the aim of achieving excellence: double, triple or quadruple glazing, staggered, silk-screened, continuous for façade or with integrated solar shielding or metal grid applied in every architectural sector.


Know-how and production capacity

In order to create innovative glass windows, Finglas constantly invests in unique plants in the national scene that male it the reference point for the major players in facades and windows and for other partner glassworks. The plants characteristics allow, for example, to produce with a single operator insulating glass with flexible spacer or panels of up to 3 metres high and 5 metres wide, with a press measuring 3 metres in height, and a maximum thickness of 80 mm.


Glass and shielding

Insulating glazing and solar shielding are complementary elements: the possibility to test directly new solar shielding in their natural habitat or to test the impact that innovations in glass will have on the shielding action represents a decisive factor in the process of research and development and, therefore, of guarantee for the customer.

The production partnership and the co-development of innovative solutions with Pellini allow Finglas to present itself to the market as a company which is specialized in the insulating glass production with integrated shielding and that is able to offer to the customer additional guarantees thanks to the know-how and experience gained over time.