The 20 and 22-mm warm edge spacer bar, co-designed with Technoform, allows a further increase in the benefits of ScreenLine® systems in terms of energy savings, whilst ensuring a perfect hermetic seal. It is made of stainless steel co-extruded with polypropylene.

The steel foil entirely covers the back of the spacer bar and is contained within the guides, for better gas tightness and dimensional stability.

The guides allow the spacer bar to perfectly close the perimeter of the frame and to incorporate the blind, also preventing direct light from passing through the perimeter.


  • Reduces the generation of moisture on the glass perimeter

  • Improves the thermal insulation of the profile due to its low thermal conductivity

  • Halves the Psi value (heat transmission through the perimeter) compared to a standard extruded aluminium spacer bar

  • Improves the Thermal transmittance value of the window, irrespective of the material used for the frame

  • Incorporates the blind inside the guides along the entire perimeter

  • Decreases production time for the integrated IGU

  • Considerably reduces the noise level of the slats and the possible generation of dust on their edges when operating the blind