It is well know that the corners of a spacer bar frame are the most critical points in terms of gas leakage and moisture penetration in an IG unit. The corners are usually sealed by operators by hand, which makes their tightness hardly certifiable. The operation is time-consuming and slows down lead time.

This type of patented corner key eliminates the need for sealing corner keys at glassworks’, thus preventing human errors or negligence, reducing assembly time and increasing gas tightness.

The corner key has two grooves near the corner, which contain butyl and are shaped in such a way as to allow the latter’s extrusion when they are assembled or forced into the spacer bar. The butyl will perfectly close the internal perimeter between corner key and spacer bar, eliminating the most critical defect for gas tightness.


  • Perfect internal sealing between spacer bar and corner key

  • No manual coating of the corner key

  • Reduction in assembly time