We test our ideas

Pellini Lab represents the border between innovative thinking and application, a place where the research and development process, aimed at expanding and improving our solutions, results in scrupulous tests to ensure very high levels of quality, reliability and safety before use in facades all over the world.

Solutions and materials

All the new technologies, developed by our engineers, and the raw materials introduced are tested and proven in order to analyze the effects that factors such as use, light, heat and temperature have on performance.

Pellini Lab

Pioneering laboratory

Being the first ones to set new goals also means developing first the suitable technologies to test the solutions designed to reach them.

Certified accuracy

The demanding life tests that shields are subjected to in the environments of the Pellini Lab are reflected in the rigorous tests conducted by the main independent authorities in the sector.

Pellini Lab

Ad hoc research

Pellini Lab supports our Technical Advisors to respond to design needs that require customized solutions, from fabrics to high-performance slats, to custom-made electronics, in order to make the automation of the most futuristic buildings more efficient.

Better solutions, greater sustainability

Pellini Lab plays a central role in the development of environmentally friendly solutions: obtaining Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) testifies our commitment to promote the development and use of low environmental impact solutions.

Sustainable excellence