The internally motorised ScreenLine® SL27M system for blinds integrated within a 27mm double glazed unit, has an improved electrical connection design which reduces installation time whilst still maintaining its function and integrity.
The blind head-rail of the motorised blind (pleated, venetian or roller) incorporates a specially designed socket (female), this locates accurately with a ‘new’ corner key with projecting pins (male) on the inside, and when clipped together they form a mechanical seal with excellent electrical connection properties.
This ‘new’ special corner key also has external terminals to which power supply cables can be easily fastened.

A small central encoder device, positioned inside the head-rail, allows the simultaneous and synchronised function of one or more blinds at the same time.
These components have an excellent resistance to high temperature. The ScreenLine ® SL27M system can be readily installed in most applications without affecting the existing building materials.
The advantage of this redesigned corner key is that the unit seal is not compromised and therefore the unit warranty can be more readily guaranteed.

The mechanical clipping system between head rail and upper spacer profile eliminates any accidental separation. The complete system allows a simple fast assembly and installation of the kit, together with ease of transportation.
The elegant and formal specification together with the high technical performance of the product makes the ScreenLine® 27M system ideal for prestigious applications.