The ScreenLine “S” systems are operated by means of a magnetic slider moving on the glass.
In models using pleated fabric, SL20S Pleated and SL22S Pleated, the patented operation system of the blind allows the IGU to be installed at any angle of inclination and any position, ensuring a parallel movement of the bottom rail. The small external magnetic slider is interfaced to the slider housed in the centreline of the bottom rail, leaving the entire glazed area free in width. The fabric moves within the guides of the side spacer bars, thus preventing light from passing through.
In the venetian version, SL20S Venetian, the blind is raised and tilted by way of a closed belt loop, which is contained inside a special profile located on one side of the blind. The belt is attached to the magnetic slider inside the profile, whereas the external slider, interfaced to the latter, moves guided by a transparent rail. The belt driving system ensures jam-free and safe operation over time. It also allows the blind to be moved in the same or opposite direction compared to the slider’s, a solution that is not feasible with the systems available on the market.
Finally, system SL20S Venetian is designed to ensure quick and secure assembly at glassworks’, thus reducing the production time and the problems found in competing models.


  • Very easy assembly into insulating glass units
  • Pleated system working in any position and inclination
  • Belt driving system (no cord)
  • Dual operation: same or opposite direction compared to the blind so as to tilt the slats in a comfortable position