The ScreenLine® P system comprises a venetian blind incorporating a 12.5mm slat designed to be integrated in a double-glazing unit with a 20 or 22 mm. cavity.
The manual tilt only function is operated via a wire drive by an external knob. The rotational magnetic, located on the side of the unit, is completely integrated within the double glazed unit thereby maintaining the integrity of the hermetic seal.
The specially designed corner key containing the rotational magnet is connected to the external knob by a flexible drive cable located within the glazing cavity of the window frame. The technical design of the system guarantees a smooth drive transmission from the external knob to the venetian blind, whilst ensuring perfect sealing of the double-glazed unit.
The only visible control is the external knob fixed to the window frame, allowing the glass surface to remain completely free and easy to clean.

Due to the narrow cavity (20/22 mm), the system can be used in almost all types of existing window frames, whilst the special design allows the aesthetic quality to be maintained in whatever environment it is installed.

These particular features make the P system ideal for public environments such as hospitals or government offices where a variety of people need to operate this simple but highly protected system.