The magnetic electrical contacts allow the transfer of current between the shutter and frame in opening or sliding windows. Applied on the window (generally on the hinge side), they are made up of two opposing parts: the fixed contact, containing the suitably protected magnet, and the moving contact, which is magnetically attracted by the fixed contact.

This attraction movement does not involve any displacement of the wires connected to the contacts, which eliminates the risks of fatigue breakage of the wires and of short-circuits.

The magnet is suitably protected from the disk of the fixed contact, which reduces the risks of breakage and optimises the passage of current, which does not need to cross the magnet.


  • No movement of the wires connected: the moving contact slides in a bushing containing the wire fixing screw.

  • Protected magnet: the magnet is not exposed to the piston of the fixed contact, as it is covered by the head of the fixed contact crossing it and connecting directly to the wire.

  • Easy positioning on the window: only one hole per contact is required without the need for drilling operations. This allows accurate positioning and easy installation on site.