“ScreenFix” is a shading device consisting in a grid of intersecting slats, placed inside a 32-mm IG unit. No head/bottom rail, cord, ladder string or drive mechanism is envisaged, only slats.

The ladder strings are replaced by 25-mm slats suitably perforated with regular pitch. The holes engage the horizontal 16-mm slats through appropriate hooks, creating in this way a grid.

Different inclination angles are possible for the 16-mm slats so as to allow optimum shading effect at diverse latitudes and with diverse angles of incident radiations.

To facilitate production operations at glassworks’, the shading device is supplied already assembled in the frame of spacer bars, which are appropriately drilled for desiccant filling.


  • The inclination angle of the slats is the same throughout the glazed area
  • The IG unit can be installed with any inclination and position
  • The grid is completely fit within the spacer bars without additional profiles and covers the entire internal area available
  • ScreenFix is supplied already assembled in the spacer bar frame, thus significantly reducing operations for IGU integration