The Pellini SpA technical department’s policy of continuous research to improve the design and performance of the quality of the ScreenLine® products has lead the company to incorporate some of the successful developments of the space industry.

The “L” shaped side guides, used in some ScreenLine systems, now have a special polymer surface coating of a metallic colour.

This coating produces a significant reduction in the friction between the slats and the guides. The coated surface is highly resistant to abrasion even at low temperatures (down to – 30° degree) or high temperatures (up to + 200° degree) and also reduces the adhesion of foreign materials thereby ensuring a smooth movement of the slats during their raising, tilting etc., This surface treatment is impervious to UV radiation and humidity and therefore does not present a problem within the D.G. unit.

Fogging tests carried out in the laboratory have proven that, even under extreme temperature and UV radiation, the coating does not produce any volatile components that might condense on the inner glass surface and so endanger transparency.