In the “B” system, the slats of a venetian blind can be tilted by means of a control device located in the lower side of the blind.
Motion from the bottom to the head rail, placed in the top part of the blind, is transmitted via two gears located in the top and bottom corner keys of the blind, which are connected to each other via a shaft that is completely concealed inside the side spacer bar. No profile can be found within the glazed area, as to expand the light passing through as much as possible.

The bottom rail is not fixed in the lower part of the blind in order to facilitate the assembly of the IG unit and its transportation, which is carried out with the blind completely stacked. After installation, the blind is lowered to allow the operation of slat tilting by means of a cleverly-designed round, narrow knob, which is attached to the glass.


  • Glazed area exploited as much as possible
  • Application specifically developed for windowsills
  • Easy assembly and transportation