The ScreenLine® SL20S is a new magnetic system comprising a 14mm pleated blind integrated within a double-glazing unit with a 20 mm cavity. The blind movement is achieved by moving a magnetic device positioned centrally on the outer surface of the internal glass across the glass surface.

This external magnet interfaces with a similar internal magnet located in the moveable head-rail.

The magnetic housing design incorporates small rollers and bearings allowing them to glide over the glass surface without friction thereby avoiding abrasion of the glass surface whilst absorbing glass deflections. The permanent magnets used are Neodymium N53H.

The movement of the blind head-rail is always parallel due to a system of internal cords, incorporating plastic plugs and tensioned with steel springs, in order to minimise friction and guarantee the long life of the system. The application of Verosol pleated blind fabrics, coated with an aluminium layer on one side, reduce solar heat gain and improve U-value, whilst regulating the light passing through.

Light transfer down the blind edge is eliminated by the use of special “L” shaped-side guides. The ScreenLine® SL20S is an extremely versatile product with simplicity of control; the blind can be adjusted to any position at any inclination from 0º (horizontal) to 90º (vertical).