Swift Series

The Swift Series includes venetian, roller and pleated blinds, for wall or ceiling application, with manual or motorised operation, characterized by innovative mechanics, minimal design and incomparable energy performances that perfectly fit into any residential, public and commercial building.


The blinds are characterized by cutting-edge mechanics that contribute to reduce glare and overheating, allowing visibility towards the outside and ensuring privacy inside with elegance, precision, ease of use, longevity and performance.


The blinds can be independently controlled with push buttons or connected to domotics, catching the benefits of automation in order to always have the highest level of comfort.

Energy performance

Great attention is reserved to the choice of fabrics, divided into metallized, screen, Trevira and blackout fabrics and available with different configurations of openness factor, light transmission, colours, etc to meet any design need.

Verosol fabrics, distributed in Italy by Pellini for over 20 years, charactherized the roller blinds with their technical features that allow to achieve unique energy performances.


The Swift Series blinds play a key role in some of the most renowned buildings in Italy and abroad, such as Libeskind and Isozaki towers in Milan City Life district or ToHa, in Tel Aviv, the futuristic project by architect and designer Ron Arad.