Motorized roller blinds: design and performance

Features and advantages of Pellini motorized blinds

Motorized roller blinds for interiors designed and manufactured by Pellini represent the best in terms of technology, innovation and design in the field of technical blinds. In fact, these are cutting-edge solutions in which comfort and performance find their maximum expression thanks to technical fabrics moved, in particular, by automated systems, which allow people to live buildings with serenity and comfort and contribute to the maintaining the energy balance.


Motorized roller blinds enrich every type of interior: the absence of cords or chains minimizes the aesthetic impact of the blind, while the high-tech fabrics give a touch of modernity  fitting perfectly even in interiors with a more classic design style.

The total wrapping of the fabric around the tube, when the blind is completely rised, reduces the overall dimensions to a minimum, a particularly useful result to fully enjoy the landscape or open the windows and which is difficult to obtain with traditional blinds, whose overall dimensions obstruct visibility and access to the window.

Design meets functionality also in the bottom rail which is responsible for keeping the fabric tensioned and stable: it is available in aluminum but can be covered with the same fabric chosen for the blind.



The movement of the blind can be controlled via wall buttons or automated system, thanks in particular to BMS systems in more complex buildings or to home automation systems in residential buildings.

The automation allows to make the most of the solar light and heat control properties that characterize technical blinds, letting the technology monitor the variations in terms of irradiation, temperature, position of the sun, etc. to act accordingly, maintaining the light and heat balance inside.


PwC Tower: almost 3.000 Pellini motorized roller blinds connected to BMS system


Between the motors that equipped Pellini’s roller blinds, the brushless motors represent one of the main choices as they do not contain brushes (not subject to wear and tear), operate by means of a magnetic field, avoid electromagnetic interference and are extremely silent.

Some of the benefits of the brushless motors are:

  • over 200,000 full cycles certified by IFT Rosenheim
  • troubleshooting and diagnostics: the third wire allows connection of the motor to a suitable PC as well as software updating
  • control by push‐button, radio remote control, mobile and voice control devices
  • can be integrated with home and buidling automation systems with possibility of feedback on blind position, sun tracking, etc.
  • excellent movement and slat synchronisation of several blinds
  • comes with a wide range of electrical accessories, including KNX push buttons, control units and control devices

Pellini’s roller blinds equipped with brushless motors are designed to operate at the high temperatures characterizing ventilated and non‐ventilated façades, thanks to the electronic board and internal motor, which are guaranteed up to 90°C.

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ToHa Tower: 4.000 Pellini motorized roller blinds