Manage daylighting with ScreenLine

Illuminate with daylight

Depending on the tilting angle of the venetian blind, the ScreenLine systems allow the sunlight coming from outside to be homogeneously diffused inside. In this way, the Venetian blind not only avoids glare but guides daylight to illuminate the interior, exploiting its properties and benefits.

The solar radiation is thus directed towards the ceiling, transforming it into a real natural light chandelier (thanks to the "light-shelf" effect) which diffuses the light evenly, improving living comfort and reducing the use of artificial lighting.




Weel-being increased

The natural light, when well distributed and managed, creates a more relaxing space, less strain the eyes, stimulates the circadian rhythm and increases positivity and productivity.


Energy efficiency

Managing natural light means cuts the use of artificial lighting, reducing the weight of energy costs and the environmental impact.


Property value increased

Buildings capable of managing sunlight have a greater economic value than energy intensive buildings, thanks to higher scores in energy performance and living comfort certificates.


Healthier environments

Natural light contrasts the onset of mold helping helping to keep make the interiors healthier and safer.


Switch off artificial light

Architects and designers have to meet the requests of companies, people and institutions to reduce the environmental impact of buildings: ScreenLine represents an innovative and effective solution to illuminate thanks to natural light, improving the well-being of people and optimizing the use of energy sources.

Daylighting artificiale off