Motorized solutions
For automation

Brushless Motorized System 

ScreenLine motorized blinds respond to the increasing automation requests of designers, facility managers, system integrators and private clients. They choose ScreenLine brushless motorised systems for both commercial and residential applications with a high level of automation thanks to a technological development that also involved software, actuators, control units, etc. to achieve the highest levels of integration and precision.

Motore brushless

The brushless motor

Extremely reliable, accurate and silent, the ScreenLine blind systems equipped with brushless internal motor can be controlled via push buttons, remote control, mobile devices, voice control systems and BMS networks, according to the user’s automation demand.

The third wire, dedicated to data transmission, allows the ScreenLine brushless motor to convey feedback on its position to the control units connected, which is the essential element for the automated control of shading systems.


Dedicated KNX protocol

The ScreenLine blind systems equipped with brushless motorisation can be integrated within building automation networks utilising protocols such as KNX, the main residential and commercial international automation standard.

Pellini has developed an entire range of KNX accessories, with the aim of maximising the potential of the ScreenLine brushless motor, thanks to a dedicated actuator-blind communication protocol, unlike the generic KNX components offered by third parties.


Sun tracking

The sun tracking technology allows the automated operation of shading systems according to the ideal illuminance level defined for a given room, with the following benefits:

  • maximise daylighting effect

  • minimise glare effect and visual discomfort

  • cut cooling and heating costs, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions

  • increase occupants’ productivity in offi ces and production units

  • improve occupants’ well-being



The exclusive application, available on the App Store for iOS devices, allows you to:

  • operate an unlimited number of ScreenLine binds in a KNX environment or within a LAN network, thanks to the dedicated actuators available

  • visually control the blind height and the slat closing angle on a mobile device, even from remote, or create countless scenes of automatic operation, which can be retrieved through a modern user interface

  • easily modify and exchange groups, positions and scenes, convert them to .pdf format, and save them via iTunes or e-mail for their quick replication

  • display data collected by weather stations to automatically operate the blinds based on sun irradiation (optional module)

Assistente vocale

Control via voice assistants

Today the Internet of Things and ScreenLine technologies combine together to allow the voice control of integrated blind systems through programs such as Amazon Alexa, Siri and OK Google, with no need for push buttons or remote controls. Following a short teaching phase, the voice control device is capable of understanding the command uttered by the user and turning it into a movement of the blind.


Why choose automation?

Why do designers, facility managers and system integrators choose increasingly more often the ScreenLine brushless motorised systems in buildings with high automation degree?

  • utmost energy effi ciency of the ScreenLine façade system, stemming from the shading characteristics of the slats (notably the “V95” slat) and of the warm edge spacer bars (standard in 20, 22 and 29-mm airspace), which make it comparable to an external shading system

  • consultancy service at project stage and experience in direct assistance for primary international projects

  • extremely short payback period

  • wide range of dedicated electrical accessories available, including LAN/KNX actuators